A Medium’s Diary #14: Light vs. Dark

Maybe it’s my simplistic view of the world. Maybe just how I explain how so many bad things can happen to good people. I see balance. For every wonderful love-filled person, I meet a nasty mean narcissistic person that enjoys making puppets out of the rest of us. I see these as roles. “All the world is a stage and all the men and women in it mearly players” Thank you Shakespeare for this wisdom, […]

A Medium’s Diary: A Word on Love and relationships 1

I once asked a friend what she learned in fifty years of marriage. My dear bud looked up at me, smiled and said, “well, I learned how to lie, cheat, and steal!” If you knew her you’d laugh. She was in her mid 80’s and had ten kids. My very definition of a saint. We talked about everything under the sun. My horses, her grandchildren, my siblings, her spouse. Oh these piffy memes about love… […]

A Medium’s Diary: Scam Alert!!!

Throughout the years, I’ve heard some super crazy stories about different psychics. I’ll share a silly story a bit later of my own experience. Of course, if you can afford a psychic medium like John Edward or Allison Dubois, the supreme psychic mediums, you can ignore this. If not, please read on. This is a profession that anyone can pop up a sign and say they are legit, and even create a free website with […]