Haunted Willow Creek Farm–A Medium’s Diary #8

What an experience visiting Willow Creek farm was. Actually it was a dark cold stormy day, that I didn’t  want to wake up. My body said sleep! So, I decided just a few snoozes and I’d get going. One led into the next. Slumber on a Saturday morning in Spring while it rains? Oh heck […]

A Medium’s Diary #7

Ugh that number, 7. A number I believed once was lucky, a sign of enlightenment, a number chosen by my older brother in baseball.  I watch numbers like a hawk. To me now 7 is a number of sadness. Seven….seven musical notes, seven energy centers, seven colors in the rainbow…. Seven, the month God took […]

A Medium’s Diary #6 Mentors

Mentors have probably been around as long as humanity. We learn from each other. There are a variety of types, we call them: Teachers Trainers Coaches Counselors Gurus Anything that I’ve wanted to do well at, I’ve had a mentor for. Some of the best and most wonderful relationships in life are with our mentors. […]

A Medium’s Diary #5 Are ya crazy or are ya “special”?

Well, I’m special and so are you, but if you have this “mediumship” thaaaaang you may feel crazy. Most my life, I heard over and over you’re just too sensitive.  You are just too this or that, you’re a sensitive red-head. Oh Labels….while my siblings were getting all kinds of other labels like; Doctor, Attorney, […]