A Medium’s Diary #4 Hello From Heaven! 1

As I got in my car to meet some clients yesterday, an old friend popped by. Now when I say, “popped”, I mean he’s someone I had not thought of since 1993-1994? So when he came by unannounced, I knew there was a reason.  The last time I saw him was at a birthday party […]

A Medium’s Diary #3 

Why? As I’m looking back on 2016, I feel so very sad. I know we all have losses, and I knew the time was coming. As a medium it doesn’t mean I can simply talk to whomever I want whenever I want. I wish it were that easy. My job is to supply proof for […]

A Medium’s Diary #2 1

There are those haunting stories, excuse the pun of course. The one’s that stay with me, the heart wrenching one’s, are usually about children. They hit me, they open my heart up and add fragments of glass. Seeing parents whom have lost their own, seems unnatural. The loss of a child is something no parent […]