A Medium’s Diary: A Word on Love and relationships 1

I once asked a friend what she learned in fifty years of marriage. My dear bud looked up at me, smiled and said, “well, I learned how to lie, cheat, and steal!” If you knew her you’d laugh. She was in her mid 80’s and had ten kids. My very definition of a saint. We talked about everything under the sun. My horses, her grandchildren, my siblings, her spouse. Oh these piffy memes about love… […]

A Medium’s Diary: Scam Alert!!!

Throughout the years, I’ve heard some super crazy stories about different psychics. I’ll share a silly story a bit later of my own experience. Of course, if you can afford a psychic medium like John Edward or Allison Dubois, the supreme psychic mediums, you can ignore this. If not, please read on. This is a profession that anyone can pop up a sign and say they are legit, and even create a free website with […]

A Medium’s Diary #11: How to Spiritually Cleanse a House!

There are many ways to go about this. By now, you know I’m not big into dogma. I don’t believe one way is better than any other, but what I do believe is that I have my own preferred way to work. You may already have your own, and that’s great! It’s by us sharing our ways of what works, and the mistakes we’ve made that humans can evolved and become better and better at helping each […]