Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Medium’s Diary #5 Are ya crazy or are ya “special”?

Well, I’m special and so are you, but if you have this “mediumship” thaaaaang you may feel crazy. Most my life, I heard over and over you’re just too sensitive.  You are just too this or that, you’re a sensitive red-head. Oh Labels….while my siblings were getting all kinds of other labels like; Doctor, Attorney, Millionaire Money Guru, I received labels like; ADHD, MS, the black sheep, Dyslexic, has multiple birth defects, the sickly  kid, […]

A Medium’s Diary #4 Hello From Heaven! 2

As I got in my car to meet some clients yesterday, an old friend popped by. Now when I say, “popped”, I mean he’s someone I had not thought of since 1993-1994? So when he came by unannounced, I knew there was a reason.  The last time I saw him was at a birthday party a friend had for me. It was before I had met my husband, and before many of the big milestones […]

A Medium’s Diary #3  Go Cubs!

Why? As I’m looking back on 2016, I feel so very sad. I know we all have losses, and I knew the time was coming. As a medium it doesn’t mean I can simply talk to whomever I want whenever I want. I wish it were that easy. My job is to supply proof for others not for myself. God grants the connection, I don’t.  2016, I suffered three big losses just days apart.   […]