Monthly Archives: April 2017

A Medium’s Diary #7

Ugh that number, 7. A number I believed once was lucky, a sign of enlightenment, a number chosen by my older brother in baseball.  I watch numbers like a hawk. To me now 7 is a number of sadness. Seven….seven musical notes, seven energy centers, seven colors in the rainbow…. Seven, the month God took my father home on the 7th day of that month, exactly seven days from the anniversary of my older brother’s […]

A Medium’s Diary #6 Mentors

Mentors have probably been around as long as humanity. We learn from each other. There are a variety of types, we call them: Teachers Trainers Coaches Counselors Gurus Anything that I’ve wanted to do well at, I’ve had a mentor for. Some of the best and most wonderful relationships in life are with our mentors. A mentor can be free of charge, and some can cost thousands of dollars to join a, “mastermind session.” with […]