Monthly Archives: July 2017

A Medium’s Diary #10: A letter to Empaths

My dear empathic friend, Today I am writing to you to share a few things I’ve learned about you throughout the years. You make the world a brighter place. You are a true artisan, a poet, a healers, a recluse, and I know that you would rather spend the day with a dog, bird or horse, than another human. You are that person that everyone else declares as way too sensitive. Honestly, sometimes you are […]

Crossing Him; A Medium’s Diary #9

This event occurred back in 2015, a typical muggy Illinois summer. I get the call, a man in his mid-50’s, sounding a bit upset. He had been hospitalized recently due to many varying conditions. He stated that he had, well, a not so nice resident inside his home that was fighting a very unfair battle, because he couldn’t see the aggressor. This was in old home built in the 1800’s, with walls that were not […]