A Medium’s Diary #1 1

Looking back on many of the crazy experiences I’ve had, It’s hard to believe I don’t write much about them.

I guess it’s the slowing down of being in my late 40’s now, I look back more frequently. As most know, I hardly remember any of my readings. I tend to let them go as soon as I’m done with them. I think everyone feels this may be for the best. I trance out, spill the goods, and BAM!, I’m back (some would say partially).

I do, however, remember most of the clearings I’ve done. So, I’ll share one of those:

First, I get the call. “Can you possibly find the time to help in this situation, Katie? I’ll send the details of what is happening, and who is involved.”  I ask the usual questions to see if it is really an issue of the paranormal or if it’s one of……..well…….drug use? psycho issue that I am not prepared to deal with?  My answer on this occasion was a resounding YES, I’ll help.  The home had been blessed by the Catholic church twice, and activity was still going on.

I don’t go it alone on most occasions, so this time, I took along with me a dear friend and group member from my fabulous team, Sissy. We pull up to a rather new town home. It doesn’t LOOK like there’s an issue. The home owner meets us outside as instructed, and we proceed to clear ourselves, and walk into the three story home.

Instantly, there’s a buzzing feeling as we walk inside.  Sissy has sage lit and is fumigating the entire home, opening every drawer, every closet, every person. In the home, we light candles on the steps going up one flight of stairs. Three to be exact. One for each part of the trinity.

Nothing much seems to happen until we step up to the third floor. I feel it, and Sissy feels it, an energy. I sit quietly and connect. It’s an elderly man in appearance that I see in my mind’s eye. He’s protective of a young male that lives there. He explains to me that the child has access to a window on that third floor, and he’s very worried he may fall out. I go to the window and look to see that there are toys all over down below. So, I ask the home owner, what is going on here?! She states, “Oh he likes to toss his toys and everything out the window, I try to stop him!” I promptly lock the window and tell her what was communicated to me.

Apparently, toys are making noises they shouldn’t, the kid has been knocked down the stairs and many other things that just shouldn’t be happening are going on in this home. This doesn’t sound like the man I spoke to at all.

We sit quietly, and try to see what else may be going on.  Well, not much at that point….

So in our group, we together bring forward what else is going on. The issue doesn’t stop right after we leave. The home owner is still quiet freaked out. It tends to only affect the mother and youngest child, and leaves her two older kids alone.

The details of the rest are — well — I’ll let the group members recall some of the details if they would like to.

I’ll just say this. There was some very bad mojo coming in from another source. The two older children had a different father, so it was coming from a place of non-light attempting to affect the mother and youngest son only. Once some items that we had seen from “remote viewing” were removed from the nasty source, things quieted down.  As a group we asked that God’s shining light cover and protect every area of the home and members in the family, all activity completely stopped.

There’s so much more to this story! The important part is this: Our divine creator loves us and will protect us 🙂


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  • Barb

    As one of the group, I would just make the recommendation not to accept gifts from those you know that don’t have your best interests at heart, there maybe an ugly attachment put on it.

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