A Medium’s Diary #10: A letter to Empaths

My dear empathic friend,

Today I am writing to you to share a few things I’ve learned about you throughout the years.

You make the world a brighter place. You are a true artisan, a poet, a healers, a recluse, and I know that you would rather spend the day with a dog, bird or horse, than another human. You are that person that everyone else declares as way too sensitive. Honestly, sometimes you are for this world.

You tend to read deeply into everything I say. Even when I mean well, you can feel where I am bruised and hurt, and take my words of praise, yet only feel my pain. You take it on as your own.

Sometimes, you even try to fix my pain for me. You feel the world is your responsibility. You, my dear friend, are the only one I know who would even try such a task!

My dear friend, did you think this was going to be a letter that was just to praise you? I hope you know me better by now! As you are feeling my deepest hurts, I am so wanting to warn you of a few things!  So please hear me!

The pains you have taken on, they don’t belong to you. I don’t know exactly what happened, but you learned how to protect yourself by knowing someone else’s mood. It didn’t stop there though. No, you wanted to fix whoever this was. I think it became bigger than just one person after the first. You then wanted to fix an entire group of people, only feeling their hurt, you could not realize the love around you, and the love for you. So you tried harder than anyone to be noticed, to do good, so much so, that it became expected of you.

You held it together and I don’t know how you did it. I watched as some people  came into your life as if you carried a flag that said, “take advantage of me”, You thought they cared because they knew how to dangle a carrot in the name of friendship, and love that you seek. They then would walk away from you (as if you did not do enough) and then come back into your life; they needed your energy once again. All along you knew better, and you know you gave too much of yourself.

Yes those painfilled people! They will tell tall tales about you, and lie about you in the most hateful manner. Please don’t worry. It has never been between you and them anyway. (St. Theresa)  The reality is that it doesn’t matter.  They look for the gifts you have, and can never have them. You feel deeply and know empathy, kindness, and love! You forgive, and never dispose of a true friend or love.

Even with such a history, you have grown even more sensitive. Yet more wise. Please hold your head high and know you are never alone.

There are many of us out in the world, but please be aware that there are those out there that will pretend to be like you. They know how to act and what to say to pretend they are also an empath and sensitive. They will even abuse you. They may use an addiction or a psychological issues as a reason to do so. Please don’t fall for this, abuse is abuse. No excuses. The fact is that these people have an inability to feel. It’s so hard to believe but your true emotion illudes them. Yes, it is sad, but you cannot fix that.

You are simply amazing so please treat yourself that way. Don’t dim your light, just know where to shine it.