A Medium’s Diary #14: Light vs. Dark

Maybe it’s my simplistic view of the world. Maybe just how I explain how so many bad things can happen to good people. I see balance. For every wonderful love-filled person, I meet a nasty mean narcissistic person that enjoys making puppets out of the rest of us.

I see these as roles. “All the world is a stage and all the men and women in it mearly players” Thank you Shakespeare for this wisdom, it is the only way I can make sense of this.

I have a dear friend, a natural healer, a natural psychic. Her light is intense, her kindness and ethical ways are saintly. The bain of her existence, a mentally ill father that can be devastatingly mean. The words he says appalling at times. Would she be so light-filled without his mean-words?

I look at my own life, and see the people in it that I consider to be not full of light, the argumentative, the types that would slash my tires on my new car, (that nobody else knew I had) in twelve below zero weather. And I believe they have made a sacrifice to turn to dark so that I may have the light. Why? Because here on earth, there has to be a balance.

This is the old Yin and Yang. The challenges of those of us that chose to grow here rather than just exist. The challenges that make us even better people, even more light filled and forgiving.

How can I forgive someone that would want my tires to blow out while driving my 85 year old mother to go shop? Well, they did it instead of me. Had they not taken the dark upon themselves, then maybe I would have to. I can’t imagine living a life that I would be happy embracing doing things like slashing tires or being full of so many lies and hate.

Another example this week was a call I received from a published author. He wanted to include me in his, “new book”, I quote that because the book itself was a lie.

I felt this but went ahead with doing a mini reading for him. The first thing I see is he himself had worked as a psychic. His reply, “no never, I have no gifts at all.” Hmmm ok, my next impression, was he had been working a lot in the public eye. “No not me! I was in radio, I guess that’s public, but that’s all!” Ummm ok. Woe am I off!!!

Wrong again! I trust my guides and afterwards looked this shyster up and found he’d been on TV, had a Facebook page for his readings, and a long list of complaints on Rip-off report. Oh great.

I sent him a picture of himself advertising as a psychic. I’m sure there will be backlash. Be warned.

Anyway, to all of you fat-head narcissistic a-holes. Those of us that love deeply, that won’t live with lies, that want all to be happy, we thank you. We are grateful to not be you. We won’t be swayed and you are always welcome to change sides.

Love, Katie