A Medium’s Diary #4 Hello From Heaven! 2

As I got in my car to meet some clients yesterday, an old friend popped by. Now when I say, “popped”, I mean he’s someone I had not thought of since 1993-1994? So when he came by unannounced, I knew there was a reason. 

The last time I saw him was at a birthday party a friend had for me. It was before I had met my husband, and before many of the big milestones in life. Young, happy and agile! Oh how I miss those days. As I remember that day, I was so worried about looking fat in my swimsuit, I was also dumb because at the time, I may have weighed a humongous 115 pounds. Note to young girls (under 40):  Don’t worry so much about what you look like! The truth is, your friends are so consumed with how THEY look that they won’t notice a few stretch marks or a bir of flab on another human! 

So I embarrassingly wore my swimsuit while we cooked burgers on the grill and ate cake. I took photos of everyone there, and the cake my pal had done for me of a beautiful horse and my name frosted across it. It was the first time I had felt so loved on a birthday. 

I looked for photo ops. I loved to hide behind a camera in those days, it was easier than talking to anyone. I noticed my pal, him playing with his daughter. It reminded me so much of me with my own Dad!  My Dad would swim along as I rode along on his back. He would go under water and I’d hang on laughing as I felt like we were going soooo fast! 

Seeing my friend with his girl doing the same thing, brought back all those memories. Me with my dad and older siblings, spending hours in our pool, lots of neighbors around, mom tending to cookouts, and laughter. 

I watched as they swam, as he easily tossed her in the air back to the water. I snapped my camera several times. You know the old fashioned film camera?! No cell phones or Facebook back then, so it was a big deal to have photos back then! I will admit that this man was extremely attractive, and always kind. The type of warm-heartedness few have. I wasn’t interested in him as anything but a friend, but I certainly didn’t mind looking.

I believe he left this physical world back in 1995 if I’m not mistaken.  He came to me on the drive to see clients.  He let me know that on this day, I was to see a relative of his, and please relay a message for him. A message of love to his daughter. And if I could to please get the photos I took way back in the 90’s to her. 

I felt (kind of normal for me) crazy, as I asked the client he told me to, are you related to —??? Her jaw dropped. Yes, she was. Wait, what? I mean I give messages all the time, but not like this! 

Being who it was, I’m not surprised at all, a heart that loves that deeply and and wants to send a message to his deepest love will find a way. He did.

It certainly raises some questions for me. 1. How did he know about the photos? and 2. How did he know I would see someone that day that could relay the message?

Never a dull moment.

2 thoughts on “A Medium’s Diary #4 Hello From Heaven!

  • DeDe

    It was the start of an amazing day with spirit. Thank you so much for coming to see us and helping us give and receive messages from our loved ones on the other side. You are so good at what you do! I will be calling you again real soon, my boyfriend could really use a reading. Ever since you were here he has been having lots of things happen that he knows is spirit, and he could really use some help from the other side.
    Thank you again for doing what you do! It truly was a wonderful gift from heaven that day!

    • Katie Post author

      Thank you DeeDee! It was a gift from heaven for me as well! I thought I posted this but I think I spaced out and walked away before posting…. such a space!
      Loved meeting all of you, and hope to see you again!!! Stay in touch!!!!!

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