A Medium’s Diary #7

Ugh that number, 7. A number I believed once was lucky, a sign of enlightenment, a number chosen by my older brother in baseball. 
I watch numbers like a hawk. To me now 7 is a number of sadness. Seven….seven musical notes, seven energy centers, seven colors in the rainbow…. Seven, the month God took my father home on the 7th day of that month, exactly seven days from the anniversary of my older brother’s death. He was meticulous with numbers being an accountant. Was that an accident? Is there a message in that? It is never what we tend to think it is. And we almost always naturally go to the negative.
A client just today shared an example of this: she had been seeing 8:16 on the clock daily for a very long time. She felt it had been from her long departed husband. A message to look out for something awful she thought. The numbers eventually revealed themselves, her daughter whom they believed could not bare a child, gave birth to an adorable baby boy with spiral curls, healthy and happy. A positive message, not sad, and not at all what she had thought. It hardly ever is.

Try as I may, I still see some numbers and go to that sad place. I miss my father horribly. I’ve had plenty of messages from a mediumistic standpoint, but the sadness blocks all of us from seeing clearly. I cannot laugh at his jokes, and I cannot hear him chuckle over mine. We always sang together and loved to annoy my mother with our silliness. Numbers, I still can’t get it. I watched his decline, he fought, and loved with everything, his entire being was love. It’s been 11 months. Hmmm eleven?

If you live long enough, and stay healthy, you will see people you love suffer. Bodies deteriorate, once brilliant minds slowly fade to dementia. Even a few go completely batty. It’s hard to have compassion for the latter… Some fight long and hard. We all deserve dignity though. Nobody should have to lose their license to drive, their legs to walk or a mind that plays tricks on them. 

I had to ask, even beg for some kind of answer to this puzzle that angers me so much. Okay, it wasn’t really asking, it was more like, “what the f-bomb kind of plan is it to stick those (us humans) ‘in YOUR image’ here, and to never EVER have a happy end to a life!!!???, WHY dear Lord WHY!”

After my temper tantrum, I got that slight headache after tearing up, got quiet and felt an answer in a strange vision. 

I saw the Velveteen Rabbit, loved to pieces, worn out by love. As I looked into the rabbits eyes, I saw a humility and loving gaze that is hard to describe. An old face appeared through my vision, the rabbit morphed into first a face; wrinkled from the sun and gravity, then i see a figure sitting in a wheelchair, shoulders slumped over, white hair, and eyes that were coated by cateracts. A woman’s voice then said to me, “perfection.” 

That was all. What do you think this means? What is the message with the sevens? I suppose it could be everything or nothing at all.

I have ideas all my own but it never hurts to ask, we are all in this together, like it or not.