A Medium’s Diary: A Word on Love and relationships 1

I once asked a friend what she learned in fifty years of marriage. My dear bud looked up at me, smiled and said, “well, I learned how to lie, cheat, and steal!” If you knew her you’d laugh. She was in her mid 80’s and had ten kids. My very definition of a saint. We talked about everything under the sun. My horses, her grandchildren, my siblings, her spouse.
Oh these piffy memes about love… They offer people a way to express what they are feeling, but mostly put up on social media to gain the attention of someone. They know when you are passive-aggressively calling them a turd! Oh Social media… it does bring out the toddler in many of us.

If you stop to really think about who you love and those relationships. Should you be smiling? There are so many jokes about family gatherings being awful, yet we do love our families. Ummmmm sometimes?

There is one word here for love yet there are many kinds. When someone describes a relationship to me as “passionate”, that means they argue a lot but have great sex or it could even be abusive.
Love, true love, will cover about every adjective in the dictionary. That’s because true love of all kinds lasts decades. We end up calling each other every name in the book.

Why do we do that? Why can’t it be the fairy tale?!!!!
Well, I’m not claiming to be right here, but in my experience, it’s because we are living on this planet, having to pay bills, and dogs sometimes crap where they shouldn’t. Oh and the expiration date thing. Guess what! You are going to die! Yup sorry big news, I know. Not just you but we ALL will. That means for every person you know, if you live long enough and you love them, you will be going to their funeral. Goth’s have this all figured out, save some loot and go goth now, because at some point you’ll look in your closet (mid-50’s-60’s) and you’ll notice all the blackness.

Is that sad to you? It shouldn’t be, because if you have this blackness, it means you have loved! Not just enough to show up at weddings and fun times but until the very end. That to me is love. That is a blessing.

One thought on “A Medium’s Diary: A Word on Love and relationships

  • Barb

    Love to me is comfortable, first to be comfortable with self, and then other. Excepting and truly forgiving of self and flaws, and others flaws. I feel allowing others to realize the comfort in themselves is love. Passion can be gamed, true comfort is felt, you can’t game comfort- you can pull it on as a facade, but it’s not genuine, and you know it in your heart. That’s my 2 cents!

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