July Events

Continued after-life experiments. This private group of mediums that I have been working with, feel blessed to know!  Wowie, what an experience! Please check back for recordings, video and other super jaw-dropping proof of life! We will be inviting others to attend as time goes on, if you are interested, please subscribe to the Staying In-Spirit-ational newsletter Subscribe

WHAT: New Course

WHERE: On a telebridge and online

WHEN: Sign up now, course to be started in August date to be announced

WHAT: Angels and Guides / Beginning the Connection

WHY: Because you know you want to hear from them, understand them, and feel their guidance in your life!  Working within a group is always best to have the ability to have your connection confirmed by others.

This is the first step toward a deeper connection and work toward mediumistic experiences.

To attend, please contact: Katie@katiestarnes.com