Crossing Him; A Medium’s Diary #9

This event occurred back in 2015, a typical muggy Illinois summer.

I get the call, a man in his mid-50’s, sounding a bit upset. He had been hospitalized recently due to many varying conditions. He stated that he had, well, a not so nice resident inside his home that was fighting a very unfair battle, because he couldn’t see the aggressor. This was in old home built in the 1800’s, with walls that were not our lovely drywall that is so easily dented, but plaster. On several occasions, he had been tossed up against the plaster walls by his invisible enemy. This to him and his wife was extremely frightening, and damaging physically. Especially in his already poor physical condition, this was something that needed to change and rapidly if the couple was going to stay in their home and remain somewhat healthy.

On a side-note, from every situation I have seen, these energies tend to drain the living, life force energy is needed for us to remain healthy. When an energy is around us that is not in physical form, it drains energy from whatever source it can. If that happens to be you, they don’t know and in some cases they don’t care.

You know that  a heavy feeling in some spaces that is about tangible? It’s like you walk into a home or room, and the pressure changes,  an invisible empty void is trying to crush you. That’s what it felt like in this old home. This is what a home with “invisible roommates”, feels like to me. At other times the feeling is different, but it was foreboding in this case. As I walked through the house, it was disturbing to see the plaster and wood within the walls damaged from a person being tossed into it. Most of the house felt just fine, but certain areas were obviously where the invisible roomy liked to hang out.

When I go to such places, I don’t bring with me any instruments to record or to video. No ghost gadgets or boxes that translate, “ghost” to English. I only bring with me my faith in God, angels, and the knowledge that we go on into another state of being after death. That and the faith that I’ll be able to communicate with any beings that are unseen but human consciousnesses.

As we walked in the kitchen quietly, the conversation began. So, spaghetti? He said he wished he could have had some. He loves spaghetti. He’s waiting for his mother to come home. Wants to know why she’s not here, wants to know why this is taking so long, wants to know what he can do. I see the poor man before me in my mind’s eye. Italian, large man, very sad, dark hair and dark features, thick eyebrows and dark puppy eyes. A bit plump, and a bit on the shorter side, but not aged, I felt he was maybe in his 30’s or early 40’s. I’m being inundated with questions instead of answers. You try telling the Spirit to slow down and breathe!

Okay, so then the home owners chime in: “Oh my gosh, yes! He lived here before!”  They explained that in earlier years the family owned a local Italian restaurant, it was just the three of them. His dad and his mom and this man, I’ll call, “Fredrico” that managed it. After his father died, the restaurant was sold to help cover expenses for the two remaining family members.  He was developmentally delayed, and known for his temper-tantrums. Due to his mother’s health, “Fredrico” was institutionalized. She passed away shortly after his departure to a new “home”.

After his mother’s passing, “Fredrico” found his way back to his family home to find others living there. The new homeowners, my clients. At first he silently waited, but that couldn’t last long, he wanted his mother, but somehow missed his chance to see her and cross-over (at least that’s my belief). As we called upon angelic assistance, the feeling within the home began to change. The light of God descended upon him to be able to go to where it is he really belonged, with his family. These moments to me are sacred, a gift from the Divine, an answer to prayers.

The energy shifts rapidly inside a home that is no longer full of sadness. After doing some Reiki and healing modalities, you could physically see the shift in the faces of the homeowners, from a grey color to rosy. A special thanks to my buddy Dan Bolger who assisted on this one. I think working alone in such places is a silly thing to do, not only do you have someone else to validate what you are seeing and sensing, but someone to call an ambulance if needed, and the added faith of another person that does the same work.

It all now made sense to everyone involved, but so there many more lost souls to help.

Please note that no, not all hauntings are humans energy. It takes several years of true dedication and strong faith along with fabulous mentors willing to spend years with you to discern one energy from another. Yes, it’s a wonderful thing, but please know what you are getting into before attempting any clearing.