Haunted Willow Creek Farm–A Medium’s Diary #8

What an experience visiting Willow Creek farm was. Actually it was a dark cold stormy day, that I didn’t  want to wake up. My body said sleep! So, I decided just a few snoozes and I’d get going. One led into the next. Slumber on a Saturday morning in Spring while it rains? Oh heck yeah. I’m transported to a couch sitting there beside friends and these multi-colored braided rugs are beneath our feet. I notice them mostly because of their shape. They are rectangular, I had never seen them in that shape before. I have a few in my own home. Never rectangular, I wonder how they are hand braided to do that? The more obvious thing wasn’t the shape, but they moved on their own. Did they? No a little girl is getting our attention from, um, elsewhere? Crap! I get used to it but it was enough to wake me up.

I have an hour drive ahead to get to the farm. Jam out to some tunes, and arrive a half hour late. I know I’ve driven past the place before, the sign out front is distinct. I approach the inner garage door following footsteps of others left from the rain outside. The door spookily opens on its own. Okay, hmmm. Hello to Dan, always Mr. Sillypants. Giggling behind the door.

Our Group sits and listens to stories told about the history and communications from those “living” there at the farm. Next to him sits an electronic detector. Usually used to find wires within walls, Al has figured out it’s a great way of talking to his housemates. The lights go on and off in regards to whom it is speaking, and to answer yes and no questions.

I’d say a lot easier than a Oija board for sure! The Spirits within the home certainly greeeted me with a very high vibratory feeling. Not angry, not upset, dare I say happy. It wasn’t like any haunted location I had ever visited. Not a dark feeling, and there was nothing even remotely scary. They obviously have a love and respect for others. They are human, they expect respect in return.

I began walking through the home, not one sensation until I began my hike upstairs. I heard a happy squweal of a young girl. I immediately walked to her room. The rugs from my earlier dream were there. I did not want to leave this room. I somehow felt connected to the young girls that once resided there.  I then went to the master bedroom, I felt very hesitant and did not go within. Walked back to the back bedroom, where I met a physician in Spirit. Said hello, and made my way back to the dining room where everyone sat.

Okay, you may be saying back-up. Yeah, that’s how it works for me. Very subtle, if I see or sense a Spirit, I do not make it into a big deal. Yeah Doc was there, so what. He was very dark haired, very pale, and very much about keeping to himself. Why would I bug him with questions. It goes in my consciousness and our extremely rapidly. They don’t bug me, I don’t bug them. I’m supposed to be in my own beeswax.

Okay, sitting downstairs, I did feel little whisps on the back of my arm, I knew exactly who it was. I then as others were talking, take advantage of the way they had gotten used to communicating via the electronic detector ma-bobby:

Me: Is that Lily? Four lights go off.  Was that you that squealed? Four lights!

Okay, hmmm Do you like everyone that visits? One light…

okay this isn’t very scientific, but I’m captivated and as I’m used to sensing I check my inner vision. I see a white night frilly nightgrown I’m guessing? She’s soooo little but soooo talkative and, well, a bit of a energizer bunny. Lily. She likes yellow and pink? hmmm

I show her a picture of my horse of the same name. Lights go off and on and off and on like Christmas lights. The owner calls her Lilykins. That’s when I about hit the floor. My girl Lily, a huge horse, I call by the same name.  I guess Lily doesn’t like that though! A Davy water Pulp sits across from me. My grandfather’s company made it, I think maybe even one my own father created?  Synchronized events.

I go back upstairs one last time. Yes, the rugs had moved but was it the cat?

I ask Lily if I can come back to see her. She says, please and thank you.

Thank you Al, it was so fabulous to meet your family!

Stay tuned more to come!