A Medium’s Diary: Scam Alert!!!

Throughout the years, I’ve heard some super crazy stories about different psychics. I’ll share a silly story a bit later of my own experience. Of course, if you can afford a psychic medium like John Edward or Allison Dubois, the supreme psychic mediums, you can ignore this. If not, please read on.

This is a profession that anyone can pop up a sign and say they are legit, and even create a free website with their own testimonials and Facebook page, I wanted to share with you what to look for in a legit psychic or medium. I’ve had a few of the famous one’s read me, truly amazing sessions, but others that blue my socks off were from people not many have ever heard of, and in some cases don’t even do the work full-time.

So here’s my list:

  • Does the psychic medium use their own name? You’ll notice that my name, yes my real name is my website. I’m not ashamed of what I do, I’ve worked long and hard at standing in my power and am proud! My neighbors know what I do and respect me, my family may not like it, but no apologies, I yammm what I yammmm!
  • Does the psychic medium have testimonials that they didn’t write? Anyone can have testimonials on their own site, but where did they come from? All my testimonials are from another page ran by a private investigator. Each person submitting must have their full-name submitted and a legitimate physical address and e-mail address. It’s super easy to look that stuff up online.
  • Does the psychic medium guarantee their work? If someone isn’t happy do they offer a full-refund?
  • Does the psychic medium charge extra for prayers or for burning candles? If so, RUNNNN away! Nobody needs to ever pay for a prayer for God’s sake! I pray for all of my clients, my family, and each of my students daily. No charge. I’m happy to add you to my prayers, just ask:)
  • Did they contact you? Never and I repeat never fall for this. A legit psychic or medium has no need to contact you. They have work to do and don’t need to send you a text message or call you from a list that someone sold them.  Newsletters are different. If you have worked with someone in the past they may want to keep you updated on what they are up to. People doing events and publishing books should keep in touch with you. I enjoy getting my favorites newsletters, they are full of fun info!
  • Is their price fair? If they have only been working for a few years are they attempting to charge what a seasoned medium is charging?  I know this is a sticky subject. We whom work as mediums do not receive healthcare, vacation time or sick leave. What we make has to cover all that along with advertising, internet fees, and whatever help we need to accomplish our jobs.  This varies greatly from area to area, so compare prices with background and location.
  • What is their background? Do they work in a circle, and if so how many years? Do they have someone that mentors them? Just like in ANY sport or occupation a background education is incredibly important. I would never work with a trainer in any sport that has no trainer or trainers in their history.
  • Does the psychic medium ask you have to pay anytime you want to speak to them again? As a professional I encourage my clients to let me know how they are doing. If they have just one question, I’m not making them get another session. They all know how to contact me, and I care about them deeply.  That is the main reason I do this work, I care and I know my connection is healing.

Okay, so there it is, my partial list. I’m sure I could write 100 more items but I did promise a fun story about getting a reading. This occurred when I was 16:

Okay so it was October, the season of spook. I’d just gotten my driver’s licence and a friend and myself were off driving around with my newly found freedom, the wheels of my father’s car. A huge sign out in front of a local mall said, “psychic fair”.   We were wowed by the sign and decided to go inside and get a reading. There were long tables set up and various people sitting around and a line of those awaiting a reading. We got in line along with the others. I can still remember fidgeting in line, wondering what it would cost and hoping I had that amount on me! This was 1984. Popular song, “Wake me Up before you Go Go!” by Wham on the radio played on the radio, and “Ghostbusters” was the best movie ever. These days seemed simpler. However, a scammer was very happy to take my money even then.

I got to the front of the line where they had me fill out a small card with my name, address, and birthday on it.  It cost me $10. I remember that because I recall thinking I could pay to see five or more movies rather than do this. But I stood in line so I felt pressure to move forward.  How would I explain this to my parents?! I was nervously escorted to a table where a lady sat, the psychic! As I sat there, she had me shuffle cards. She looked so old to me. Maybe even 30! GASP! She took the cards I had shuffled and then asked me what I wanted to know. I said I wanted to know of course about boyfriends, and if I would be going to a summer camp next year that was focused on my violin playing.

The results: Yes, I can still remember. She said not to worry, you shall have many many lovers. (No clue what that meant at the time) She said, yes, you will go to summer camp, “I’m sensing trouble at : (insert my street address here)” my response was, “Really, ooooh no, what’s going to happen?!”  She went on to state that she was not allowed to tell me, but big trouble! “Shall I burn candles for you? I can help!”  Of course I had already blown my $10 bucks I had saved so I certainly couldn’t afford to pay for that!  I figured out she had gotten my street address off the little card, shook my head and walked away extremely disappointed.

So what was wrong with that? Well, first of all, I was only 16 and probably needed a parent with me. She got information off of my card I filled out. Pretty obvious, but now days the internet is full of info so be aware. Third, realllllllyyyyy who tells a 16 year old they will have, “many lovers”?!!! CREEP!  Forth, I had the burn a candle trick pulled on me!!! Fun times.

So no I never went to summer camp. I figured out what, “lovers” really meant and I guess that is subjective. I guess back then I just wanted to know about cute boys, not about my life path as a hussy. Kidding, I’ve been happily married forever. Thank God for our youth!