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There is so much love I have for each of the people involved on this page, I cannot even possibly articulate it. I will just say to know any of them, is to know them is to love them. If you want to experience a higher way of being, these are the best of the best!

I cannot say enough kind words about Lyn Ragan, a medium in her own right, a woman that knows how to stand in her power, and a very talented author. I’m so blessed to have met her at the beginning of her journey.  She has a true heart of gold, a mix hard to find!

This web page is by Barb Kinison:  A collective of businesses who love
doing what they do.  This is a place where a passionate heart
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Yoga, Reiki, Classes, and guest speakers. (My monthly workshops as well)

You will not find a place on earth with better mojo!

Of Course I adore and love being a part of this site! have enabled me to do what I love most in this world! Here you will find listings of so many wonderfully talented and gifted mediums and psychics.
Read & Write Reviews Of Psychics & Mediums! For a directory of psychics and mediums based on location, visit where you can write reviews about your best readings.
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Author and Soul Sister, Lisa K, is a true expert in public speaking and in teaching intuition. She has some amazing books, whether you are a pro or just starting, read her books! AMAZING!

Psychic Medium and Soul Sister A very accurate medium, and very loved by me, Megan has been doing her work a very long time and has precision and accuracy, you will love.