A Medium’s Diary #11: How to Spiritually Cleanse a House!

There are many ways to go about this. By now, you know I’m not big into dogma. I don’t believe one way is better than any other, but what I do believe is that I have my own preferred way to work. You may already have your own, and that’s great! It’s by us sharing our ways of what works, and the mistakes we’ve made that humans can evolved and become better and better at helping each […]

A Medium’s Diary #10: A letter to Empaths

My dear empathic friend, Today I am writing to you to share a few things I’ve learned about you throughout the years. You make the world a brighter place. You are a true artisan, a poet, a healers, a recluse, and I know that you would rather spend the day with a dog, bird or horse, than another human. You are that person that everyone else declares as way too sensitive. Honestly, sometimes you are […]

Crossing Him; A Medium’s Diary #9

This event occurred back in 2015, a typical muggy Illinois summer. I get the call, a man in his mid-50’s, sounding a bit upset. He had been hospitalized recently due to many varying conditions. He stated that he had, well, a not so nice resident inside his home that was fighting a very unfair battle, because he couldn’t see the aggressor. This was in old home built in the 1800’s, with walls that were not […]

Haunted Willow Creek Farm–A Medium’s Diary #8

What an experience visiting Willow Creek farm was. Actually it was a dark cold stormy day, that I didn’t  want to wake up. My body said sleep! So, I decided just a few snoozes and I’d get going. One led into the next. Slumber on a Saturday morning in Spring while it rains? Oh heck yeah. I’m transported to a couch sitting there beside friends and these multi-colored braided rugs are beneath our feet. I […]